How to Register for Summer Sessions

Welcome to Summer Sessions at the University of Pittsburgh. Registration for summer courses begins on Monday, February 12, 2018. If you are a current PItt student, read on. You can also register as a guest student from another college or university, or as a high school student

Current Pitt Students

Current undergraduate students must meet with their advisors before they can register for summer classes. If you already have met with your advisor and your advisement hold is lifted, you can self-enroll beginning February 12, 2018. Please log in at

Note: If you have declared your major, please contact your departmental advisor for advising and registration appointments.

Summer Sessions Deadlines
Summer registration begins February 12, 2018, for undergraduates. Please see the summer sessions calendar to find out when classes begin, the last day for add/drop, and other important dates and deadlines.

Students should be aware of enrollment restrictions, prerequisites, dates, and deadlines—also, that course availability changes constantly during the registration period. Prompt application and early registration maximize the possibility of getting into the desired class. View the current course schedule for available classes or browse specific course offerings.

Summer courses are billed on a per-credit basis. Tuition and fee rates can be found here. Regular credit charges and fees are assessed. Regular University benefits such as access to libraries, gyms, and other campus facilities continue over the summer. 

Campus Housing
On-campus housing is available in Litchfield Towers C for undergraduate students taking summer courses at Pitt. For more information, please visit Panther Central. *Please note: Housing information will be available in March. Please check Panther Central for the details at that time.

Meal Plan Options
Students may choose a meal plan for the summer. Please view the meal plan options here*Please note: Meal plan information will be available from Panther Central in March. Please check out the details at that time.