Start Thinking of Brighter Tomorrows Today!

Summer Sessions at Pitt allow you to:

  • Complete general education requirements.
  • Concentrate on your major.
  • Explore new interests without the stress of a full class load.
  • Earn final credits to graduate.
  • Pick up extra credits during convenient 4-week, 6-week, or 12-week sessions.
  • Schedule classes around vacations, jobs, and internships.
  • Graduate on time or ahead of schedule.
  • Transfer credits to most accredited colleges and universities.

Summer Session Registration Begins February 16

Visit our summer sessions calendar for information about registration deadlines and add/drop dates. Browse specific course offerings.

Campus Housing

On-campus housing is available in Litchfield Towers C for all undergraduate students registered for summer sessions courses. Please visit Panther Central for more information.

Meal Plan Options for Summer Sessions

Students registered for on-campus housing while enrolled in summer sessions may choose from a variety of meal plan options. Please visit Panther Central for more information.

Summer Sessions at Pitt

Current Pitt Students

Achieve your goal of graduating on time! Summer sessions courses are designed specifically so that you can enroll in two classes in a row without course overlap; take more classes in your major; and complete general-education requirements. Choose from hundreds of courses during the 4-week, 6-week, 12-week, and full-term sessions. Day and evening classes give you the flexibility to pick up extra credits and still have time for summer jobs, internships, and family vacations. Register Now

Guest Students

Get a head start on the fall semester, finish general education requirements, take classes in your major, or pick up extra credits to graduate sooner! Summer sessions at Pitt allow you to enroll in two classes in a row without course conflicts, maximize your day and evening hours by taking additional upper-division classes in your major, and schedule classes around vacations, jobs, and internships. Take advantage of hundreds of course offerings, transferable to most colleges and universities around the world. Apply Now

High School Students

Experience college now! Enroll in summer sessions and gain credits toward your undergraduate degree. No matter what university you end up attending, you can prepare at Pitt. Best of all, with our flexible summer schedule you can earn credits while still keeping your summer job. You must be registered with Accelerated High School (AHS) in the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences before you can register for a summer course. Please call 412-624-7428 to register, or visit AHS for more information. Learn More